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  1. 1. RENTAL – The renter shall grant the above mentioned boat in rental to the client for the period of time indicated in this contract. The boat shall be handed over in perfect conditions and supplied with the obligatory safety equipment and documents for navigation.
  2. 2. CLIENT’S OBLIGATIONS – The client shall: a) Exhibit a personal identification document; b) Use the boat exclusively for pleasure and recreation, respecting the rules of navigation; c) Pay for any damages or missing items ascertained upon the boat’s return; d) Take responsibility for any fines incurred during the rental period, irrespective of whether levied against him/her or the renter and/or owner of the boat.
  3. 3. PROHIBITION – The client shall not: a) Allow anyone under 18 years old to drive the boat; b) Drive the boat under the influence of alcohol; c) Tow persons or objects, or water ski without a boating licence; d) Smoke on board; e) Grant the use of the boat to third persons, even temporarily; f) Sub-rent the boat or use the boat for profit; g) Moore to any public or private pier, except the one of the restaurant Aurora in Lezzeno.
  4. 4. CLIENT’S DECLARATION – The client hereby declares that: a) He/she is aware of, and accepts all the conditions of this contract and the renter’s rules; b) He/she has received adequate instructions from the renter regarding the principal rules, governing navigation, and the use of the boat and the safety equipment. In particular, he/she is fully aware that it is not permitted to navigate within 300m of the coast, and that it is forbidden to moor at buoys and near entrances to harbours; c) He/she accepts sole responsibility for the safety of all passengers, objects and animals on board.
  5. 5. RETURN – If the boat is returned late through the fault of the client, he/she shall be liable for the following excess charges: a) up to one hour late – the cost of one hour’s rental; b) between 1 to 4 hours late – half the total cost of a day’s rental. The boat must be returned to the same place as where the client took delivery of it.
  6. 6. DAMAGES – Damages of any nature must be declared to the renter and must not be repaired without being authorized, unless there is a risk of sinking or if lives of passengers are endangered. In case of damage being discovered by the renter upon return either to the boat, engine, safety equipment or documents, the renter has the right to debit the whole amount of the damage.
  7. 7. CONFISCATION – If the boat is confiscated due to any action on part of the client, the client shall pay any direct and indirect damages that may incur to the renter. For example, loss of earnings, cost of releasing the boat, any repairs.
  8. 8. BAD WEATHER – In case of bad weather it is up to the renter to decide whether or not to suspend the service.
  9. 9. CANCELLATION POLICY – Up to 72 hours before rental 0% at customer’s expense. Up to 48 hours before rental 20% of the total price will be at customer’s expense. Up to 24 hours before rental 50% of the total price will be at customer’s expense. 24 hours or less before rental or no show: 100% of the total price will be at customer’s expense. In case of bad weather: full refund will be given (0% at customer’s expense). If the customer asks to move the reservation to another day no refund will be given in case of bad weather.
  10. 10. LAWS AND CONTROVERSY – For any instances not covered by this contract, the Italian law shall apply. Any controversy regarding this contract will be dealt with in the courts of Como.

  11. 11. TREATMENT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION – In accordance with the law UE n. 2016/679 on ensuring privacy, the client expresses his/her consent, and is informed that the renter and staff will use his/her personal details in order to complete the contract in a lawful way. The client also gives his/her consent to the renter to use electronic systems to track the geographical position of the boat (GPS) and the navigation in real or delayed time.